Useful photoshop shortcuts PART 1

posted on 15th of october, 2007

while using photoshop if you are using short cuts it not only speeds up your work process , but leaves you to concentrate more on your work.
Here is a list of exceptionally useful shortcuts for using photoshop that might come handy for you.
These are the standard/usual Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts we will hopefully move in second part with more advance levels

F (Toggle view) — This command lets you toggle your view area with or without tools or windows

Ctrl + S (Save your work!) — This command lets you save your job during or at the end of work process , although i will advice to hit it every once in a while

Ctrl + Z (UNDO) — This command lets you go back to your previous step

Ctrl + "+" OR "/" (Zoom in OR out) — This command lets you zoom in or out of your canvas

Ctrl + G (Group Layers) — This command groups selected layers in the layer tree. pressing Shift to this will ungroup layers when the grouped layer is selected.

Ctrl + A (select all) — This command selects all that is visible on your full canvas

Ctrl + T (Transform object ) — This command will transform the current selected layer . If you want to transform multiple layers you must link them togather.

Ctrl + Alt + shift + R (rotate arbitary) — This command will bring up your rotate arbitary window quite handy when straigtening up your work

Ctrl + shift + E (Merge visible) — so you are happy with what you have done , now you can merge down all the layers into one with a single hit of this command

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Posted by Bluerabbit on October 16, 2007
A handy reference. Thanks, Roberto.

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