Stock vs Fine Art

posted on 21st of october, 2007

Today I discovered another feature, that distinguishes between a stock photo and a fine art photo. I was visiting British photographer Nina Ludwig's digital photogallery and just had to stop to look at this photo. It's amazing, how much room there is left for imagination. You can't tell for sure, what you can see in reflections. Are people there, or houses? What is it?
That's fantastic. And I like those colors.
With stock photography it's all simple and clear. Wysiwyg. No mystery.
This is the product:

And this is you when you have it:

Simple and clear.
But fine art is different. Artist always comes to halfway, the rest is left to be done by you. Implicit information, unsaid words, allusions and hints make an art enjoyable. Or just - make an art.
What do you think?

Comments (2)

Posted by Macmaniac on June 25, 2008
I think you are right.
Stock photos are simple and clear,but fine art is complicated and ambiguous.
Posted by Fotogeek on October 21, 2007
You are right. But remember, making money out of art photography is much more difficult than stock. My opinion.

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Photo credits: Suprijono Suharjoto, Ilya Terentyev, Mary Katherine Wynn, Katarina Pantelic, Maxfx, Nejron, Pemotret, Raycan, Dreamstime Stock Photography & Video Footage, Piotr Majka.
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