Useful photoshop shortcuts Part 3 ( Edit)

posted on 24th of october, 2007


Edit ===========================Alt+E

Clear (selection) ---------------------------Delete / Backspace
Color Settings ------------------------------Ctrl+Shift+K
Copy ----------------------------------------Ctrl+C
Cut ------------------------------------------Ctrl+X
Duplicate Free Transform ------------------Ctrl+Alt+T
Free Transform -----------------------------Ctrl+T
Transform Again ----------------------------Ctrl+Shift+T
Keyboard Shortcuts -------------------------Alt+Shift+Ctrl+K
Menus ---------------------------------------Ctrl+Alt+Shift+M
Paste ----------------------------------------Ctrl+V
Paste Into (selection) ----------------------Ctrl+Shift+V
Paste Outside (selection) ------------------Ctrl+Alt+Shift+V
Step Backward (History) --------------------Ctrl+Alt+Z
Step Forward (History) ----------------------Ctrl+Shift+Z
Stroke ---------------------------------------Ctrl+Alt+H
Undo/Redo ----------------------------------Ctrl+Z

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