posted on 5th of november, 2007

I can't wait till 9nov. That is when my exams will finally end. These past few weeks I have been so stagnant from shooting that I can only envy picture after picture that is being uploaded here.

Browsing through new photos only make my fingers itch more, so ever eager to press that shutter again.

Like a tortoise, I'm considered in the hiding. I want to poke my head out again and start snapping away! New shots await me!

Keep up your contributions fellow dreamstime photos! I'm coming to keep up the pace again pretty soon!

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Posted by Fertographer on November 15, 2007
yes but till january only and school starts all over again and the cycle repeats itself till coming may. haha thankyou galaxyindia!
Posted by Fertographer on November 06, 2007
i need to take the exam myself! hahha..i wish i can but that is near impossible lol
Posted by Fertographer on November 05, 2007
thanks my friend hehe
Posted by Omegatransfer on November 05, 2007
Wish you all the success you need at the upcoming exams, bro!

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Photo credits: Koh Sze Kiat.
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