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Follow up on my career move

posted on 15th of november, 2007

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We'll I decided:
I am going to become a full time pro photographer or die trying.
But first I have to get past all the bureaucrats that are momentarily making it very very difficult for me.
My situation seems rather special to them.
I am working for 8 years now in The Netherlands and I am of Netherlands nationality. However moved to Belgium where I bought my house. In my case I am paying all my income tax to the dutch gov.
Now it comes. I first will have to proof that my only connection with Belgium is my house before I can get my unemployment money from them. In this age you'll have to do everything online. Easy and convenient. Where it not that they introduced the digital autograph or so called DigID. You'll nee that in order to do all these things online. BUT in order to receive a DigID they cross reference my social ID number with the place I live in. What a surprise that only addresse in the Netherlands are accepted.
So let's write a mail to these instances.
They urge me to call them on a service telephone number. DUGH these kind of numbers can only be called using a phone in the country you are calling from to. AND I AM IN Belgium.
These people are so unbelievably stupid. You wonder why I am the one who's unemployed.

Comments (2)

Posted by Charon on November 15, 2007
Frenk, I wish you all the best and solve the problem soon. All I know about Belgium is the chocolate :)
Posted by Fotogeek on November 15, 2007
And I thought that things like this happen only in countries recently admitted to EU...I come from one and I know a few things about bureaucracy.
I guess they are punishing you for treason...:-))
Good luck!
I only read your previous entry now...
Sorry about that. I wish you all the best. Remember an old Romanian saying that could be translated like this: every kick in the butt is a step ahead.
Good luck Frenk!

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