My plan is to have a plan

posted on 7th of november, 2007
One of the things I like about Dreamstime is that just like a strong community everyone has an opportunity to share what's on their minds without being judged to harshly. Some folks have fifty photos in their portfolio and some have thousands.
So as I am working my way through the community my plan is to have my portfolio look like a hardware store. I would like to diversify like a good investment plan. If someone wants a colorful background photo then I'll have it.
Or if it's objects for a fire seminar I need to supply it.

I have a vision for my portfolio to have everything from a nature photo of beautiful fall colors

To a photo of a patriotic lady.

I have no idea if this is the right way to go about it or...

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Posted by Dcwcreations on November 08, 2007
Thank you for the comment, I agree the best photos are of ones passion. I think the difference feels like taking a photo , or becoming part of one you have taken.

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Veterans day Sun.

posted on 10th of november, 2007

To all the Vets I would like to say.

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Give thanks

posted on 16th of november, 2007
Thurs. November 22nd is Thanksgiving day in the U.S.
I believe that sometimes we get so caught up in our everyday activities we forget how thankful we should be. Perhaps that's one of the reasons someone set aside a special day for people to do this.

The world and our lives in it have many reasons to give thanks.
We don't have to look far to see the beauty or sadness in our world, sometimes on the same page.
I am thankful I live in a free country.

I am thankful I can take out of the world the beauty so I can remember it.
Everyone that is reading this or that is a member of Dreamstime has reason to give thanks.
As photographers we have a desire to share what we have captured with our cameras.
As humans we have that competitive drive,...

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I think geese are smarter than I

posted on 25th of november, 2007

I love to watch wildlife and how they live. I have come to really appreciate the Canadian geese. As I get closer to winter I increase my complaining about how cold it is, how the cost of heat is rising, how the days are so short that I seem to never see the sun.

Geese on the other hand start practicing the vee flight pattern for migration.

I sit in meetings preaching how we all need to work together and make teamwork more than just a word.

Meanwhile the geese use each other for lift as they fly and change leaders often so no one goose has to take all the wind.

In the middle of winter I'll be here in the deep freeze.

Oh., and the geese? they keep going south and won't return until it's warm and the days are longer.

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