A tip to help say goodbye to bygone bibelots!

posted on 21st of december, 2007

When it's time to clean out vintage clutter, take a picture, then say bon voyage!
Some things sit in storage for years, and seem so precious when we take them out to relive the memories once in a blue moon.
I regret getting rid of some things that I held on to for so many years... I wish I had my camera then!

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Posted by Leda_d on December 24, 2007
Also I dislikes throwing the old memories away ... actually, I do not do it, for many things a beautiful photography would not be enough! Merry Christmas and happy 2008

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Erin Mannings photography show on DIY Network + HGTV-hd

posted on 22nd of december, 2007

Have you heard of Erin Manning yet?
She has a photography series called The Whole Picture on HGTV and DIY Network.
She's posted short video tip clips on youtube.

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BBW Collection

posted on 27th of december, 2007

I think we're in need of some more big beautiful women (stock) here! America is big, and I am not seeing as much bbw photography glorified in a glamorous light here as I thought I would. In the next week or so, I'm posting my own full-figure pics to the site...
I advertise a plus size dating site through google adwords and overture, and when I went to search for quality voluptuous stock splash to post on the front of the site, I couldn't find much or what I wanted. Yet, there are so many gorgeous overweight people out there, where are they all hiding? Are they that camera shy? I would really hope this does not lead to a debate about health... I'm just a humble 'size acceptance' advocate...
So I made a collection of the ones here on dreamstime I could find, they're all fabulous,...

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Posted by Azathoth973 on May 10, 2008
Truly Wonderful images.

Posted by Asw4303 on January 03, 2008
I agree with you. We Americans (even some of the "normal" sized people) are still a bit over overweight and there are some beautiful plus sized people walking around. That should be a new Dreamstime contest. Capture BBW (and men?) in flattering scenes. =)

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Online photography schools

posted on 27th of december, 2007
I'd love to know if anyone else has tried online photography schools? I have had great experiences and feedback. I'd love to know of recommended schools... I recommend, ppsop.com
Next, I'm signed up for a conceptual photography class with them in the beginning of January, lasting for a month.
They also have a great class on stock photography, but it's in session right now. It's a bit pricey. around $2000, maybe a bit less... it gives students the opportunity to get signed with cobis, ******** and other exclusive stock agencies.

I am looking into taking classes at sessions.edu

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Create your own bokeh

posted on 27th of december, 2007
© Nataliya (Help) A simple, very cute tutorial!!!
Create your own bokeh - light blur - {click}
So now you know!!! © Mossko (Help)

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Posted by Bimmergirl on December 28, 2007
Seems cool, worth trying it out :)

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