posted on 18th of december, 2007
"666" is this interesting number that's been haunting me for a while now. First, not too long ago, I was stuck on having 666 downloads. Well, that got resolved fairly quickly. God bless whoever downoladed No. 667 and helped me get over the (as some are suggesting) curse then.

Now, of course, 666 is famous for being this ultimate personification of evil, the "mark of the beast", as suggested by wisdom of google. It its infinite resourcefulness, google tells me that the curse dates back to paganism of Babylon... or may be it refers to a Pope of Rome, or may be to Emperor Nero, Adolf Hitler, Kaiser Wilhelm, among others... gee... who knows? Anybody to venture a "modern" guess?

As for me, I was surprised to find so many creative...

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Posted by Littlemacproductions on January 12, 2008
MRvent... you and your Acura! Wish I had one, with the links you leave I could get all sorts of goodies.
Posted by Icyimage on December 20, 2007
well the number 666 is more than you think.what happened to you could be or not to be accident. But the mark of the beast form the Bible is something that will happened in the future. So it very important to we recognize his meaning. What really represent? How can I avoid him? and ctr.....
Posted by Notebook on December 19, 2007
Yay! Thank you, kind reviewers :)

The curse is over! Okay :) My next blog might just be called 999....

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