posted on 10th of july, 2007
The story begins

Once upon a time, a long time ago, someone tried to define the continuous and hypnotic state of living through the lenses of the camera. What do you mean hypnotic? Well, you just try to hang around a neck all day long and furthermore, to be swung carelessly and mercilessly in the burning sunshine. Let me just tell you how much dust and light I've swallowed because of a maniac, a lunatic who kept me hanging. Yes, by the neck (his). I promise to also reveal some tricks I have experienced myself. Don't laugh, it's no fun looking straight at the sun while keeping your head down.

Hot summer morning and a lot of noise in the hallway, suddenly felt and extremely unpleasant sensation. Awakened by HIM from my sound sleep on the office desk,...

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Posted by Tangie on July 25, 2007
I never thought photography could be so prose-inspiring. Guess you live it up to the maximum. :P

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How to take panoramic photos (technical approach part.1)

posted on 11th of july, 2007
When you wake up from a sound sleep and you walk dizzily towards the window hoping that the light and the vividness of the street will animate you, the first reflex is to watch panoramically. The habit of your conscious requires this thing as a necessary evil. The panoramic look and the mechanical twist of the neck produce a soothing effect through the physical internal press puncture as well as the self re-awareness and re-awakening process in the familiar space. This fact is certainly well-known to those who produce advertising and images since wherever you slowly turn your eyes, the accent falls on the panoramic image, panoramic advertisement, so on and so forth . . . generally on the panoramic unfolding of the visual "event".

The social psychology of the panoramic image as...

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