Alice in Photoland

posted on 7th of july, 2007
>I have recently discovered a new playground. Roaming through life, I have fallen in a magic rabbit's hole. Instead of falling right to the bottom, curiously enough I started floating swiftly. Then the images came pouring around me. I reached and took one. Then another one and another one and there were many more others to come. I could hear voices, whispers and laughters, I could see faces, mountains, rivers, cities and dreamlands, I could smell flowers or taste sweets. I could feel love, sorrow or joy, hatred and anger. Glimpses of life and glimpses of thoughts . . . past and present, future and dreams, all mingled and mixed in the fabulous potion I drink or in the dough of tasty cookies I eat every day. I am Alice in a magic world where I take a sip, a breath or a taste of photos and metamorphosis...

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Posted by Boojoo on August 14, 2007
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First days in Photoland

posted on 12th of july, 2007
Equipped with fairly good knowledge of words, strong sense of humour, gripping onto reality, sometimes wandering through alternatives, chattering all the time, a habit she still can’t get rid of, Alice stumbled upon photography with genuine and untrained eyes. Never wanting to grow up. Entangled in language, unreadable, untranslatable and unexplainable, she decided to quit the wordful void and inhabit colour and light. She fell by accident into the rabbits’ hole one summer day. After floating and laughing, she met the rabbits. You have to think of Santa’s magic house full of working elves to envisage the rabbits’ hole. They sat her into a swing and gave her cookies and potions.
She could not really eat them or drink them as this magic land was no longer the land of the...

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Alice in summer

posted on 25th of july, 2007
The wings, the swing, the rabbits and the images, all seemed wonderful and magical to little Alice. She would spend days floating, swinging, watching photos and laughing. She made a resolution: never to leave ********nd. Besides, there were too many secret corridors in ********nd to be still discovered and roamed. Too many secret doors to open and enter miraculous worlds. Sometimes she feared she would not have enough time to open them all and wander all wonderlands beyond.
The rabbits would come and walk her to closed doors which they unlocked to make Alice happy. Eyes wide open, holding a furry fluffy paw, she stepped curiously and shyly into their gardens. Summer came and she left the swing one day only to lie and doze in a hammock. Enjoy the summer breeze. Tropical and exotic....

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Posted by Tangie on September 12, 2007
Thanks Maigi. I went to your home town he he.............lovely....inspiring and wept when I left both Talinn and Helsinki.
Posted by Maigi on September 10, 2007
That is sweet... I have been there. :)

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