Dreamstime vs. Traditional photography

posted on 4th of september, 2007
In a recent survey we have asked buyers who used traditional agencies before finding Dreamstime, specific questions regarding their experience. The questions were chosen after reading several articles written by analysts of the traditional industry such as Chris Ferrone, Jim Pickerell, Andy Goetze or Dan Heller. Although they all give pertinent and wise critique it is sometimes difficult to study this area of the industry without actually being within it. In absence of actual data and stats, like the ones we have access to, as well as perfect knowledge of the site's features, some of their articles may end up being...

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Posted by Maninblack on October 02, 2007
This type of Q&A is always invaluable regarding the type of response the buyers get from a particular photo site and lets us photographers ascertain if we are fulfilling the buyers requests.
Posted by Starblue on September 04, 2007
I like this blog a lot . it is a shot of enthusiasm for us photographers, I would welcome such interwies more often :-) Thanks for it!

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Dreamstime becomes a General Member of PACA

posted on 6th of september, 2007
I have just received an email from Ms. Cathy Aron, Executive Director of the Picture Archive Council (PACA). One year after the initial application, Dreamstime membership was approved by the Board to move from provisional to general membership status! Starting from today, we are happy to announce that we are officially and permanently members of PACA.

In a time with so much controversy about who is honest and who is not, this surely represents a great achievement for our community. It is another step we have taken and I guess nothing is more pleasing than seeing our work being acknowledged by the top organization in our industry.

Thank you PACA for the great news and thank you [link=http://www.dreamstime.com/photographers]...

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Posted by Fotogeek on September 14, 2007
Champagne, at work? Yes, that brings back memories...:-)
Congrats Serban and all of you, and us for that matter.
Posted by Orchidpoet on September 08, 2007
Excellent! Keep up with the great work!
Posted by Cathysbelleimage on September 07, 2007
Congrats, DT !!! Really cool indeed ! ;O))

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Brightqube - see David fighting Goliaths!

posted on 20th of september, 2007
>The David fighting Goliaths! Power to the people!

A news leaked out yesterday. A beta site was revealed, you can see it here, before the official press release. It is called BrightQube. I must confess I don't know why, but I can guess: it has a clever navigation and a bright idea: it is the first platform to put images from our market to compete on equal grounds with Goliaths.

The leak was just published by lots of blogs, making a quiet buzz within the industry. No big red titles in CAPS, but it is a quiet revolution. One that Dreamstime succeeded to pioneer as the exclusive David.

Dreamstime images compete on the same homepage with exquisite images from elite traditional agencies - they compete with lots of great images, stunning work from professional collections. But...

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Posted by Petarneychev on September 20, 2007
Sweet! They certainly need to index more images for "Bulgaria" though :P
Posted by Charon on September 20, 2007
Quite impressive. Like a sea of images.
Posted by Ellenboughn on September 20, 2007
Another home run!

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