Romantic photographer

posted on 4th of september, 2007
When I saw this photo, it comes to my mind one wish…

It is a wonderful feeling to sell images, it is splendid to see improvements in making photos, it is exciting to try new kinds of photos and new techniques, it makes me happy to create new ideas…. Step by step photographing makes me more incomes and so I can allow to dedicate more time to it.

….. but seeing this photo it comes to my mind one wish – I don´t know where photographing will lead me, but I would always like to feel such a romantic mood like on this photo and joy during creating images. I have seen some photographers who totally lost the joy during photographing I would never like to come to that point. Photographing is too beautiful and it´s a pity to spoiled it with stress.

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Notebook of ideas

posted on 6th of september, 2007
I have seen one photographer to draw a preliminary sketch before making photos. She has explained that it makes her feel immediately if the image can look well, even before preparing all the set. The mentioned photographer makes incredible preliminary sketches with pastels, trying to make the picture to the latest detail.

I am not able to draw so well... and frankly, I must confess I would´t have probably so a lot of patience for making detailed picture.

Before I have written down description of ideas with words in my notebook, now I quickly outline the idea and I add just some words like the color of objects or background.

I enjoy this way, it is faster and no one
of my ideas is "forgotten" as all these sketches are kept in notebook...

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Posted by Starblue on September 06, 2007
Peter, I agree that during walking and in nature a lot of good ideas come out :-)
Posted by Photosaurus on September 06, 2007
My way: I always take a little notice book with me (mostly). Sometimes Ideas come like a flash during walking, fishing etc. and then I draw a fast scribble of my idea for an illustration or a photo. I has been useful in the past, because this ideas are often away for ever, when the day is over.

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RF for all over the world and Universe

posted on 10th of september, 2007
In one of our Czech magazines, a professional photograph talked about contracts he had to sign during his career. We are used to the one of Dreamstime, and so it might look almost fantastic to us what can be written in a contract.

In one of the contracts, mentioned by the photographer, was written that all the photos bought by the client can be used and spread all over the world and Universe. The photographer couldn´t but comment, “O.K., but I agree just with our galaxy.”

I wonder if it is normal or if the lawyer preparing the contract has been a big fan of Star Wars.

As well as I am curious when the human race will live also in other planets, if photography of nowadays kind will still exist or it will be totally...

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Comments (4)

Posted by Starblue on September 10, 2007
that is great idea... FTP at the speed of light for DT in all the planets :-) Can you imagine DT on Mars :-)
Posted by Lavanya on September 10, 2007
FTP at the speed of light may be useful for us DT earthlings at present :)
Posted by Starblue on September 10, 2007
I have the same opinion that the visual art will be more interactive and 3D, but who knows maybe people will be as sentimental as they will like to keep photography in this way like memory for older time :-)

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