Keywords, what a nuisance!

posted on 20th of september, 2007
It is time to look deeply into our hearts and admit the truth: we have not done our homework properly. Honesty is the best policy and we need to be honest with ourselves when it comes to something some of us tend to overlook when uploading images: keywords, title and description. Sensitive issue, right? I do not know how much you study other people's words but when I get bored, and being a words' fanatic, I browse the site looking at titles, descriptions and keywords. Now, throughout my browsing on the site, I have encountered – and God is my witness – titles, descriptions and keywords that range from excellent, relevant and appropriate to irrelevant, hilarious and even ridiculous. Stop giggling and raising your eyebrows, you know I am right....we all did it at some point....

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Posted by Lenutaidi on September 29, 2012
This article is very useful.
Congratulations and thank you!
Posted by Hanbaoluan on May 14, 2012
Let me a headache to the key words!
Due to the cultural differences, plus my English level is poor, every time the upload photos title, description and key words to fill out and spend a great deal of effort and time (or even a few hours to 10 hours). But upload photos not review recognition, until the shot, a great shock to me, sometimes even thought of give up this website!
My photography level in the country or more of the results, in the field of photography, other also is popularity, can be in this website is not going to work.
Who is there to tell me how to do! Thank you!
Posted by Jianbinglee on April 05, 2012
Thanks very much!

Comments (8)

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