After the Winter...

posted on 26th of january, 2008

Comes Spring!

I appreciate each season for the unique characteristics each brings, but I am really looking forward to spring right now!
Here in Virginia (US) it's been a little chilly lately, and many of the more northern states have been getting dumped with snow and ice. I'm ready for warmth!And from the merchandise starting to line store shelves, other people are beginning to think the same things: bunnies and eggs.

I loved watching the Easter cartoons when I was a kid! I loved (and still do) dying and painting eggs, hiding them, finding them, eating lots of candy, and getting stuffed bunnies, ducks, and chicks as gifts.
But, one of the things that always stumped me as a child was how the Easter Bunny came by all those eggs? Did the bunny lay the eggs himself? Did he have his own chicken farm, and art employees to decorate them?

As I've grown into an adult spring has taken on new meanings, but it is fun to remember the wild imaginations and good times I had as an innocent child. =)

Comments (3)

Posted by Linqong on January 28, 2008
Like the article and lovely illustration.
Our Chinese has a proverb, winter has come, spring also can be far very much very much?
Posted by Seesea on January 27, 2008
Perfect article and photos!
Posted by Moonb007 on January 26, 2008
Spring is always a great time of the year, the flowers and just the warmth of the air as you enjoy the outside...hopefully it will warm up for you soon in VA...its on its way here in Texas.

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