First attempt with light tent...

posted on 19th of june, 2008

Hi there,
Well I've had a couple of images accepted from my first attempt with a light tent so I am quite pleased. I mostly take shots of landscapes and nature but I thought I would give something new a try. I bought a very cheap light tent and lights so I wasn't sure that my set up would be good enough but the end results weren't too bad.

I found it quite difficult to get the correct white balance and I think this would be improved if I invest in some proper light bulbs...the ones I was using gave off an awful colour cast. I also decided to make it easier for myself by using my canon ixus rather than my dslr!

I think next time I try I will invest in some better lighting and also plan what I am going to shoot in advance. I just threw a few things into the box just as test shots really and should take the time to plan different scenarios before I actually set up.

I don't think these shots are my best by far; but not too bad for a first attempt. I must say though that I prefer to be outside and shooting nature rather than having my head stuck in a tiny light tent with the bulbs burning my face...think I definitely need better lighting!

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Posted by Cleaper on June 20, 2008
Thanks for your help! I think I will invest in Photoshop Elements if it does have a RAW convertor. I will firstly try out my olympus software just in case it is up to the job...afterall it was free with my dslr! Cheers!
Posted by Cleaper on June 19, 2008
Thanks Niagaragirl. I will look out for the bulbs you suggest. I have not tried shooting in raw yet but I have been thinking of changing to this method for some time. Do I need to have a very good processing package such as photoshop for this? I do have a copy of a raw convertor that I might try.

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Photo credits: Charlotte Leaper.
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