Photo Retouching Video Tutorial

posted on 2nd of august, 2008

Success of many images depends as much on post-processing as on the in-camera work. In fact, post-processing can make or break an image, can make a great image stellar, or can make an average image stand out.

Post-processing is especially important when there are people in the image. Nobody is perfect (even though make up can do wonders), we all have pores, wrinkles and blemishes. We forget to iron or lint-roll our clothes. As photographers, we are all guilty of forgetting to set correct exposure or to adjust white balance.

I wrote a relatively detailed video-tutorial, oriented for an intermediate-advanced photoshop user on workflow and image post-processing (my version, of course, as there is no single "right" way to post-process): it walks throgh color-adjustment and skin retouching, as well as some other things. Videos are followed by step-by-step pointers.

This tutorial is a "draft", I would LOOOOVE !!! to get as much feedback as possible. If you are to try some of the tricks I show in the tutorial, please leave me a note telling me what worked, what didn't, why, and what info would be helpful.

The tutorial is here: Photo Retouching Video Tutorial

PS: it takes time to load as there are several video files on one page - I wanted to keep all the info on one page... I am not sure if this is a good move, or if I should create a separate page for each "step" of the tutorial for faster loading... let me know!

Comments (3)

Posted by Gyeah on June 12, 2009
great videos, i liked, some comments on them will be great
Posted by Frantab01 on June 12, 2009
have come across your tutorials and have book marked them - will def take the time to go thru them as post processing is where i need alot of help - thanks again :)
Posted by Talanis on August 03, 2008
Great video tutorials. Narative comments would be a nice addition. I like the way you are using to even and smooth the skins. It is different from the way I do it. I will have to try that.

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