Red in China

posted on 5th of september, 2008

The emphasis of red colour in chinese culture originated from the han-chinese culture's veneration towards red colour. The red color wards off anything evil, red is auspicious. This view had already began in pre-historic times. Red was the colour of the sun (symbolizing power), the colour of blood (life) and the colour of fire (used against beasts, symbolizing warmth/celebration). As time passes by, this veneration for red colour did not change. In the ancient marriage custom of han-chinese, one must wear red clothings, red head-scarves, burn red candles. In any occasion, people uses 'red' color to increase the atmosphere of 'celebration' and 'happiness'. Han-chinese regarded red as a colour symbolizing celebration, success, loyalty, bravery and righteousness. Of particular feature is that red is viewed as a colour that wards off evil.
That's the reason why in occasion of celebration such as chinese new year, chinese marriage, 60th year birthday banquet were red colour used.

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Posted by Bendao on September 05, 2008
Marilyngould ,thank you for your reply.
Posted by Marilyngould on September 05, 2008
Thank you for posting these facts regarding the colour red as perceived within the Chinese culture. Very fun to learn something new --thanks for sharing

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