Isolation Tutorial (Basics)

posted on 16th of january, 2008
So, I have finally launched my photography site. It is intended as a gallery to showcase my work to potential buyers and clients and organize my work into categories I see it fit. It is accompanied by a blog to muse on life & discuss my tutorials, and by referral links both for buyers and sellers. It is also intended to be a collection of tutorials on issues of noise, color correction, isolation, and so on - something that I can offer fellow photographers, both aspiring and more advanced.

Now, on to the fun part. Did you really think all the images in this blog post were born over this perfectly white background?

© Notebook (Help) Well, in my first [link=]...

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Posted by Notebook on January 24, 2008
Charles, well, with your "skull example" is two options: (1) use wand tool to get rid of the dark background and then use the burn tool to burn around the edges of the skull so that there are no leftovers (you might want to experiment with changing hte setting from "highlights" to "shadows" (wand tool is a less effective strategy); (2) pen tool ! set it to a small feathering though otherwise the edges will show the background color, or when you are making your selection with the pen tool "carve" a little bit into the area of the skull....

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Isolation Tutorial (Advanced)

posted on 18th of january, 2008
Did you really think I got four exceptionally well trained giraffes to pose calmly in my super-sized snow-white studio with a hundred gigantic light boxes? Na-hah! Actually, I got them in their natural habitat amidst a peaceful green-filled landscape. And then I put my photoshop hat on and went to work. The end result is much more fun and much more useful to designers than the original, featured on the right

Yesterday, I posted the link to the the first installment of the isolation tutorial. It covers using levels, magic wand, pen, and eraser tool approaches to isolating simple objects. Today, I finished the second installment to this tutorial - [link=]...

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Posted by Rebeccaosborn on June 26, 2009
and i really did think you got 4 giraffes into your studio.. nah not really!! thanks for these tips, definitely halpful!
Posted by Sophieso on June 26, 2009
Excellent tutorial with a brilliant outcome. Glad to know you didn't have all those animals in your studio. I was a little bit jealous of how big your studio is :-)
Posted by Savcoco on June 23, 2009
Well done!

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  Isolation Tutorial (Advanced)
  Isolation Tutorial (Basics)

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