Astrology and photography

posted on 1st of january, 2008
Astrology is very complex – it works with Sun, Moon, planets, astrological houses, astrological aspects etc. But many people know just the “popular” astrology. If a person says: “I´m a Pisces”, it means that when he/she was born, the sun (who represents our soul in horoscope) was transiting the sign of Pisces. We can´t be all the same Pisces, Aries, Cancers because the position of all other astrological points change in a very complex way. However, people like to read about their sun sign. In the following lines, you´ll read what a kind of photographer you are according your sun sign. But remember, if you disagree, don´t blame astrology, it means that there are other stronger aspects in your horoscope.

Astrological signs of Fire element – Aries,...

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Posted by Bellagenre on December 31, 2011
do not dare advise people on their capabiliites as a photographer

you cannot base it on astrology because you do not demonstrate anhy knowledge or skill in astrology --maybe grammar, but not astrology or photography....any sign can be great. i know because i am a virgo photographer. i know a piscean who sucks with lights, which is the basic method of photography "to describe with light"'re a fraud. get some morals.
Posted by Bellagenre on December 31, 2011
i perceived you as a water sign simply because it was the most loving words written about a mode............and then i read your coments..are you a pisces? please, being a pisces (i believe in astrology) but pisces seem to fall below their touted strength of "karma's ultimate release" i mean, can you find a better revelation for other signs than what you've read before:? i'm a virgo, and even though i am prone to believing the worst about myself, i saw through your page. you only have care about yourself. the only modality on this page with any inspriation is WATER *your mode*
you are not perceptive about air, earth or read a book. my sun, moon, venus are in 12th house suck, superior complex fuck you for bringing a stupid page into kind to others. .... a pisces should share rather than act "better than"

Posted by Arsenestefania on June 28, 2009
a sagittarian sun, scorpio rising with a taurus moon and a libra mars, makes me talented as a photographer? :D

Comments (8)

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