Common mistakes when keywording

posted on 9th of january, 2008
I will continue with providing tips and examples from my hands-on experience with your images. Beware, here I come, I have my grades prepared and they rank from one to ten. I will proceed as announced also adding other experiences I came across in my ramblings through the site. Today – I feel over-teacherly here :P – we are going to discuss about: why does my image and the keywords attached have very little in common? Pay attention as this has serious consequences for your portfolios and accounts. Unfortunately for you.......the following cases are considered serious offenses and punished accordingly.

Most common mistake – abuse the auto-populate function. Well, here I've seen some very paradoxical cases. We all love copy paste....and Dreamstime makes it even easier.........

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Posted by Guojiett on February 13, 2014
very useful,thanks
Posted by Fleyeing on March 23, 2009
English is my second (or maybe third) language.

Oh come on, most Dutch are quite fluent in English ;-)

If you can't come up with the right English words, try to find more in your mother tongue (Dutch is mine too) and then submit them to an online translation tool.
Good old Babelfish does the job rather badly, but the new Google Translation API handles translation quite well, with autodetect language and translate into English.

An example for one of your windmills:
In Dutch: windmolen oever vijver poel beek stroom wind molen schoepen draaien energie alternatief ecologie berm oever gebouw opwekken genereren kracht waterkant

and translated: shore windmill pond pool river flow wind mill blades rotate alternative energy ecology roadside bank building generate...(More)
Posted by Godfer on March 22, 2009
Great article. All new contributors should read it before they start uploading.
We won't miss Ellen so much if you keep writing articles like this. :)

Comments (19)

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