Perfect Little Models

posted on 1st of october, 2008

>My perfect little models only stand about 12" tall and they are quite the little posers. Meerkats are my perfect little models which I really enjoy photographing them. The first time I ever heard of a Meerkat was from the Disney movie "Lion King" but never really thought of them except during that movie. I only started getting interested into Meerkats after the show "Meerkat Manor" was introduced on Animal Planet. Ever since that show I am always making sure to stop by the Meerkat exhibit at any zoo I visit if they have them.

Meerkats are very curious creatures and seem to enjoy getting their photograph taken. Many times when I am photographing the Meerkats they will follow my lens around the enclosure and then stop and stare up at me when I am taking their picture. Some times they are a little too close and I can not get the shot but they are still acting cute for me so I just sit there and watch them until they move into a better position for me. Feeding times is one of the best times to get pictures of Meerkats at zoos because the Meerkats know that it is about time for them to get fed so they go on full alert watching and waiting for a keeper to arrive with their food. The photo of the five Meerkats standing up was taken right when the keeper came out with their food to feed them.

My main subjects for photography was always the big cats, bears and gorillas but Meerkats have now won a special place in my heart too :)

Some of my favorite Meerkat Pictures that have made it to Dreamstime:

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Posted by Mayatairy on October 03, 2008
Soooooo CUTE :-)
Posted by Preckas on October 02, 2008
they look like little people . . very cute
Posted by Ongchangwei on October 02, 2008
Very cute!
Posted by Pvvaidya57 on October 02, 2008
beautiful must submit model release form...they just posing for u
Posted by Tangie on October 02, 2008
I love meerkats :). I already know these cute little ones. I am a meerkat fan and also a religiously devoted :P viewer of Meerkat Manor. I think my screen has some lipstick marks where your meerkat images were when I read the blog :).
Posted by Py2000 on October 01, 2008
Nice shots! Re. the pictures of the five (or six) Meerkats, before reading your text, I thought they were too hungry and were hoping something behind the camera was editable? :P
Posted by Linqong on October 01, 2008
So cute.Good shot!
Posted by Marilyngould on October 01, 2008
Love these little creatures too! I rarely watch TV, however since Meerkat Manor premiered on Animal Planet it is one of the very few shows I will schedule to watch. Your photos capture the wonderfully mischievous and very busy behavior of these fabulous animals. Cheers!

Comments (8)

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Photo credits: , Susan Pettitt.
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