300th Image uploaded....

posted on 13th of october, 2008

Just another among many milestones... My 300th image was approved on October 10, 2008. This was recently prolonged a bit as I disabled a few images, but worth the wait... (By the way - Yes, the player in white was carried off the field.)

I have had to swallow my pride and not take the rejections personal. Reviewing my images with open eyes after reading the reviews I have been able to improve my acceptance ration and greatly reduce the number of rejections for Poor Lighting, Setup, Contrast or Incorrect Exposure. Have been working on reducing the composition rejections. This takes us all back to the basics and patience... Instead of complaining, find out why... Have Patience... Have an open mind... And most of all PATIENCE...

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Posted by Py2000 on October 13, 2008
Congratulations on the 300th uploaded!
Posted by Marilyngould on October 13, 2008
Your sport images are fabulous, the colors and action are both attention grabbing and inspiring. Congratulations!

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Photo credits: James Boardman.
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