Fall has arrived

posted on 7th of october, 2008
With all the news about the economy and the elections (US and Canada) it is good to get outside and appreciate nature and the seasons marching forward. This year felt like a particularly fast transition from the greens of summer to yellow in the trees.

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Posted by Bradcalkins on October 09, 2008
Thanks, it is one of my favorites...
Posted by Destinyvispro on October 09, 2008
Lovely panorama of the Glenmore Reservoir.
Posted by Irisangel on October 07, 2008
It seems to get shorter every year. Very nice images, good luck with them!

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Review: Lumiquest Softbox III

posted on 15th of october, 2008
I was looking for something small and light that would make a good flash modifier, and soften the light. After getting a couple of payouts from DT, I decided to purchase Lumiquest's new softbox III for $40. It is lightweight, folds flat, and fits in my camera bag (a little smaller than a piece of standard letter sized paper).

Attaching it: I already owned a couple of speedstraps, so attaching it to my flash (Canon 580EX) was simple. It has four velcro tabs that secure it to the flash. Velcro being velcro it isn't totally secure, but I haven't had it fall off or otherwise disrupt shooting. You could easily secure it better with an elastic on the outside of the tabs, or some other cinching...

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Posted by Marilyngould on October 15, 2008
Helpful information as well as affordable options. Thanks for sharing.

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6 months, tips for newbies

posted on 28th of october, 2008

Well, I've passed the 6 month mark on DT and have to say that I am very pleased with how things have gone. I started out my first month with a single sale which encouraged me to keep uploading. Other sales have followed and ultimately led me to terminate other sites I was working with and go exclusive. I've now got over 500 images online and over 300 sales.

I've found the community here very encouraging and fun to work with. Photographers and illustrators working together to advance to a common goal is refreshing.

Here are some tips and tidbits of information for newbies thinking about joining:

1. UPLOAD! You'll see this piece of advice on the message boards whenever anyone asks about how to grow sales. It...

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Posted by Bradcalkins on March 03, 2010
Thanks for stopping by! Of note is that #7 is no longer quite true, the subscription price doubles when it gets to level 3, and triples at level 5... A key point though is that subscription buyers don't pay extra for the RAW file.
Posted by Dan1 on March 03, 2010
Newbie or oldie - very good info
Posted by Giovanni1942 on March 03, 2010
Thanks a lot for this very helpful tips!

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