My first image on DT Assignment

posted on 7th of october, 2008
>Today, was the most surprising day for me since I'm here in DT, I had been submitting images for monthly theme assignments, well to be precise this is the second submission for assignments, my previous two image was during Olympics, My image got selected for DT theme Assignment competition, Now I need to win that contest, hey may be I'm greedy, well a sort of, the greed is not for money but for the feeling that I have won the contest. Guys, humble request, checkout the theme images and vote for the best, I'm not asking to vote only for my image, VOTE THE BEST.
This is the image which was approved for DT Monthly Theme.

Another one is on its way for approval

Hope this one to gets selected.

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Posted by Creativei on October 08, 2008
Thanks Lingong and Sensovision
Posted by Linqong on October 08, 2008
Congratulations!Great creativity and design!
Posted by Sensovision on October 08, 2008
indeed, winning in contests gives great feeling no matter what prize you win :)
Wish you luck!

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Its voting time, be a fair judge and choose the best

posted on 23rd of october, 2008
I’m taking special interest in this month’s monthly competition for two reasons, one to be involved with DT as DT has started making money for me, every month I get an average on 75 USD which is fair enough considering my image portfolio. Second my image has been chosen for the competition, one is already chosen and my best image is still under process, I'm afraid that I might lose some votes. I suggest everyone to vote for every selected image. Be the judge of this event and judge it fairly. This is an opportunity for you to judge the creativity. Please pay special attention while you judge the illustrations, not because my selected image is an illustration, but you should know the difficulty in creating a illustration and the time consumption for such graphics. I guess in my opinion you should...

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Posted by Creativei on October 28, 2008
Anothonyata, Those images are really great, I know how difficult is to capture such image, good luck for ur goal
Posted by Anthonyata on October 28, 2008
Thank you for choosing two of my images. This is the first time I am participating in this competition for DT. My goal is to have at least 500 approved images in my portfolio. Thanks again!

Anthony Toth-Fejel - Freelance Photographer
Posted by Papepi on October 28, 2008
I am glad for your interest .... thanks!

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Keyword Magic

posted on 28th of october, 2008
>Key wording,
Well I guess a lot has been written about keywords and keywording, and I’m sure this one will not be the last, and many more will be hitting the blogs sooner or later.
I’m not writing this blog to describe what are keywords, and its significance. I would just like to share an easiest way to key words your images. Which I’m lately practicing. First and foremost thing is to choose the subject of the image, it could be one subject and or a multiple subject of your image.
Next open you Dictionary in Mac, and type the subject and you will get loads of meaning, select which is close to your subject, and find the meaning of the meaning you choose. Like this you end up with more than 50 to 60 keywords. Avoid selecting a small subject like you have a great shot of a car and in the background...

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Posted by Creativei on October 29, 2008
I guess no one liked my tips, thats the reason no comments here, anyways thats fine.

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