Trying to increase sales by adding models

posted on 1st of october, 2008

I have been looking very closely at not only my portfolio but of others that do well on Dreamstime and decided I need more people shots.

After all the whole idea is to hopefully increase sales so I think I need to try new things to get there.

I have added sports like bow hunting.

I have fun and laughter with people swimming,

I even have a little soldier boy,

And a real jet pilot

So only time will tell if this helps out the sales and portfolio but it is good experience and fun shooting people.

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Posted by Ongchangwei on October 02, 2008
Good photo
Posted by Dcwcreations on October 01, 2008
Thank you.
Posted by Linqong on October 01, 2008
A great portfolio.

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Photos of military people, what's not o.k.

posted on 16th of october, 2008
Now more than ever our military people are a very important part of our world and appreciated for all they do for us.

They also make great models for people shots, but there are rules we need to live by to get the pictures.

Many military uniforms have many patches attached all over them.
It's important to know what's allowed and what isn't.

The American flag patch is allowed and your safe to shoot it.

Any other patches that show squadron or unit designation probably have a copyright and should be cloned out.

Even the name must be blocked out and isn't allowed.

It's fun to shoot the little guys who have military folks as hero's but the same rules apply.

Another thing to keep in mind is if you are using real military...

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Posted by Cmarshall717 on October 16, 2008
What about the patches, etc., if they are used for editorial?
Posted by Digitalreflections on October 16, 2008
Thanks for the info.

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The picture in the picture.

posted on 27th of october, 2008
It's easy to fall into the mindset that if Dreamstime has over
4,000,000 photos online is there anything left to add?

The answer is yes yes yes. In fact new photos are selling every day.

Also there are a few things we can do to increase the chances of a photo selling.

Look or create the unusual in the photo.

When I drove by this guy pressure washing a building the first thing I noticed was the mans shadow on the wall.

It was as if he was in a battle with himself. So although there are many pictures of pressure washers this one is unique, it's like a picture in a picture.

Actually I think the shadow makes the photo and the guy is along for the ride.

Another example is of this irrigation system.

When I saw the setting sun highlighting...

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