Selling rights for 350 USD

posted on 20th of october, 2008
>As time goes on, equipment improves, DT database is growing and my older images don't appear on first hundred search pages, I decided to sell the rights of some of my images.
I like to create new images, my skills are improving, my taste is changing, world is changing... so I looked at my older images and thought they still could be useful for somebody or some projects, but if nobody don't find or see them, they just remain on the bottom of my portfolio.
So, I made a collection SR-EL 350 USD.
It contains photos taken with my first camera Konica Minolta DiMAGE Z10, and their maximum size is 2048x1536 pixels. There are some textures and backgrounds too. I'll be happy to give away [link=]...

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Posted by Maigi on December 19, 2008
Thanks for your good words, Anita! Best wishes for you too!
Posted by Antonia on December 19, 2008
Maigi, here´s wishing that your dream for new equipment will come true soon...
Posted by Maigi on November 21, 2008
:) I think luck has nothing to do with it here. But nope. Bad idea.

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One In A Million

posted on 30th of october, 2008
You're one in a million
How did I miss that announcement on front page:
New milestone reached: our community currently counts 1,000,000 registered users, buyers, contributors, visitors, all photography passionates who choose and use Dreamstime.
Written by Tangie, on October 28, 2008 ?!
That reminded me Bosson's song...
You're one in a millionYou're once in a lifetimeYou made me discover all your pictures on siteYou're one in a millionYou're once in a lifetimeIt made me to download all your pictures on site
I've been looking for that special oneAnd I've been searching for a pic to get job doneAnd when I thought that all the hope was goneHere, DTers were, and pic was found...
Or were there some other rimes?
Anyway, here comes contributor's chorus:
I like...

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Posted by Litifeta on November 02, 2008
Lots of one in a millions here.

Posted by Maigi on November 01, 2008
so true :)
Posted by Rebeccaosborn on October 31, 2008
i missed that too...!!! Congrats to us all... we are amazing!!! lol !

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