More megapixels - "Should I upgrade my camera?"

posted on 11th of february, 2008
Contributors often ask this question: "do the extra pixels matter?". Here are a few thoughts about it.
What values most to us and the buyers is the content of your image. If the aesthetics are bad, it doesn't matter what your camera can do or how many MP it can produce. This is part of the review criteria and is also taken into consideration at sales level (a very good small image can sell at a higher price than a not-so-popular one with more MP).

Please consider the following, after the above is acomplished:

First, as the number of megapixels increases so is the technology. That equals a more powerful camera, hence better images from a technical point of view.

Second, one can crop an image in a better way if there are plenty of MP, so you will have a creative advantage....

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Posted by Inspirationgame on April 26, 2011
Thank you so much for that information. I can't afford more than the D-40 I have right now but I have good lenses. And since I started taking my pictures in raw mode the pixels are good most of the time. The challenge though is to take the right picture right away so no cropping is necessary.
Congratulations on your achievements,
Posted by Rushour on February 13, 2008
I agree with you.
Posted by Sophiesourit on February 12, 2008
I would be so happy if I could afford evertything, lenses, tripod, new camera with a higher MP. That is just like chicken and eggs...
Anyway, I just agree, the lense makes the difference, also...
As example the lense sells with my camera make everything grey... Blue and bright sky become grey, and the weather seems also always grey. I never use it that was a waste of money for sure...

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Happy 1st of March!

posted on 29th of february, 2008
There is an old Romanian tradition where men offer a small gift to women on 1st of March. The gift is wear and always has a nice red-white string (that's what makes it a "martisor"). The initial custom was that men were receving gifts from women, something changed in the last centuries, the meaning is the same! ;)

It means that spring is here. Here is one for all you ladies out there! The only one on the site by the way, which should give all Romanians an idea about what to shoot this weekend. ;)
We probably lack many other local symbols so if you are not a Romanian you might want to consider your most important local symbols and see how they are represented on the site.

Happy 1st of March!

Comments (13)

Posted by Littlemacproductions on March 01, 2008
The gift is in the giving!!
Posted by Stanicat on March 01, 2008
Very nice image. But indeed like Achile said it is o romanian celebration and ... the sales are relevant.
Posted by Ankevanwyk on February 29, 2008
Thanks, Achilles, for reminding me that autumn starts for us in South Africa on the 1st of March :-((( *grrrr* :-)))

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