buying an image from a photographer with one image

posted on 4th of february, 2008
as a filmmaker , i need still shots at times that i dont have.. last week, i needed some images of the Galalpagos and downloaded five from other, im looking for shots of combe martin, a small coastal town in devon, england.. i did find this one shot and i downloaded it.
i looked up the photographers page and found it interesting that he has the ONE image uploaded only and im the only one who has downloaded it.. i wonder if he has other shots from the area.. his bio says he lives there. I just found it interesting that out of the millions of photos, i'd find one i was interested in from someone who had only one posted photo.

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Posted by Kenneystudios on February 04, 2008
If he lives there, you may be able to work something out.

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creating illustrations in photoshop

posted on 5th of february, 2008
im pretty new to PS, in case, you havent guessed, and ive been experimenting with turning in some simple images into illustrations. mostly with the cutout artistic filter..© Taragolden (Help) how do you like my moon in a purple sky? i think its pretty cool, but then im rather a sucker for those artistic filters..
I also had some success altering a tree in this shot.
© Taragolden (Help) if anyone wants to share some tips on this process or a critique of my images, id love to hear, though be gentle with me!

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Wondering about adverage time till first pay out

posted on 27th of february, 2008
© Taragolden (Help) hi all... i was wondering if some of you more experienced DT's could tell me something about how long it took for your first pay having a slow start and wondering if its my image quality, my subject matter, or possible low placement on search results.. or maybe i could improve my tags.. any advice offered would be most appreciated.

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