Grand Canyon in China

posted on 3rd of march, 2008
Every one know famous grand canyon in America. less people know the grand canyon in China. 2 years ago I take a travel in Tibet of China. It is a wonderful place. And is hard to give expression by word. From the photos, you can see some people live in the grand canyon. Can you imagine it?© Eprom (Help)
© Eprom (Help)

© Eprom (Help)

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Posted by Yunxiang987 on March 28, 2008
yes it is great. the mountainns are high, the river is low.
Posted by Hot99 on March 26, 2008
Posted by Eprom on March 18, 2008

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My first digital SLR camera

posted on 7th of march, 2008
Last week I bought a second hand digital SLR camera. it is Nikon D70. about $300 for body. It is a digital time now! But I still keep my film camera, because the feeling is difference when I use film to take a photo.
Here is my first upload photos by D70.

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Posted by Sleiselei on March 10, 2008
Congrats!waiting your best work early.
Posted by Penelope82 on March 10, 2008
Good eprom!Glad you had the chanche to buy it!Have a nice shots!
Posted by Qing02051981 on March 10, 2008
Congrats. That was a good bargain for a Nikon D70

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My first Assignments photo

posted on 15th of march, 2008
it is my first photo for assignment. I see all others assignment photos are about human house & home. How about the house & home for the birds? for the animals in the nature?

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Posted by Sekdo on March 18, 2008
Congrats!!! :)
Posted by Linqong on March 18, 2008
I really hope that there will be the match of a pet next month.
Posted by Eprom on March 18, 2008

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the third winner

posted on 24th of march, 2008
It’s so surprise to know that my photo on assignment had won the third , the first three will each receive a Dreamstime official T-shirt to wear.

Though I did not win the first place, but it anyway feels so happy.

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Posted by Benglim on April 11, 2008
Congra, 恭喜恭喜!!
Posted by Eprom on April 04, 2008
thank you very much.
Posted by Sebcz on April 04, 2008
Congratulations! I must say I voted for it :) I love the houses, so unique.

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