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posted on 11th of march, 2008
Some days after uploading some new photos I thought that it is not easy to respond for photo requests made in Dreamstime message boards.

Let´s say that one designer makes a new topic that he/she needs a photo. When I make the needed photo and upload it, it takes sometimes almost a week when photo is online. many things can happen during 5-7 days.

I think that maybe daily upload limit for all users should be smaller so that the waiting time would be day or two. Not long ago I remember the daily upload limit was 100 images per day.

Right now my upload limit is 25 images per day. I would be happy even when my limit was for example 10 images per day, but if the waiting time was twice as small as now.

I don´t want to be...

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Posted by Markogt on March 27, 2008
I think that you can send this e-mail by Contact Dreamstime support form. I will try this soon when submitting next photo for photo request! I let you know how it works, when I have tried this!

Greetings M.
Posted by Yunxiang987 on March 27, 2008
mail? what is the email address?
Posted by Markogt on March 22, 2008
Thank you for good recommendation! I will try this next time when submitting for photo request.

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Happy Springtime

posted on 20th of march, 2008
The Spring is now officcially started!

I wish all Dreamstime users happy starting Spring and peaceful Easter time.

Here are some great photos, that I have found:


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A little help when choosing new camera or lens.

posted on 28th of march, 2008
Choosing a new camera or camera lens is usually not simple thing to to.

I have found a very useful web site, that you can use to compare photos made with different cameras and different camera lens!

© Kady (Help)
So you can take the most out of your photos.

© Evgtin (Help)

This site is pbase!

I hope you find this link useful.


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Posted by Irisangel on March 28, 2008
Thanks, good link.

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