Winter Just Won't Give Up

posted on 8th of march, 2008
Well, I believe that no weather is bad weather and happily take whatever comes my way. Any weather is great material for photography, rain, heat, warm colors of the fall all create beatiful windows of opportunity for photographers. Deep down, I am a nature photographer who loves being outdoors day and night, rain or shine. And, generally, I can weather the weather .© Alexey05 (Help)

Here, in Western New York (and I moved to the Buffalo area a few months ago), weather is "something else". And while my friends and colleagues start boasting beautiful spring images so characteristic of March, I still shovel, de-ice, and drive slow. Why? Because this weekend, just like many others before this one and probably quite a few ahead, is a cold, winter weekend. Not the kind where frost...

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In Design: My Worlds and Universes

posted on 12th of march, 2008
Not too long ago I made a series of illustrations for St. Patrick's Day holiday (and, yay, I even got my first editor's choice for one of them - that's the one on the left; really excited!). In any case, they are all based around the idea of an "Irish Universe", or "Irish planet" with green-ish colors, colors of the Irish flag, and, of course, with shamrocks and clovers. And if only you could zoom in you would see that the landscape and terrain of all these Irish planets is also made up of clovers and shamrocks. Aaah...

I also tried to make these illustrations as large as possible as they are not vector illustrations and, in my mind, a good alternative approach to giving designers the much appreciated flexibility in terms of what they can do with my images is to make them large....

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Posted by Notebook on March 13, 2008
Aww, thank you! I love bright colorful images, where color is a part of the overall impact and composition... :) My next one is going to be pink :)
Posted by Studioceja on March 13, 2008
Wow! nice work Olga. "blue planet in space with stars" is my favorite. You seem to have mastered color in your illustration. Best, -Sal

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