Surrealistic Photography

posted on 20th of march, 2008
As I browse through this site and try to improve my skills in stock photography, I realize a lot of the most popular photos are not really photos at all. But rather a concept that was converted into a photo by combining a few photos together in photo editing software. These photos generally have a big impact even viewing in thumbnail size and are "Surreal" Below are some of what I'm mentioning.

Surrealism is defined as from "a of art and literature developed principally in the 20th century, stressing the subconscious or nonrational significance of imagery arrived at by automatism or the exploitation of chance effects, unexpected juxtapositions, etc."

And I think developers...

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small PORTFOLIO, BIG returns

posted on 27th of march, 2008
I'm still very new at this whole stock photo industry so I'm trying to learn as much as possible. I've only been at Dreamstime since the end of October and have learned a lot from the message boards, blogs, and other photographer's portfolios. Anxiously waiting to get enough sales for my first pay cheque. Yeah!

The difficult part of stock photography is determining what will sell. At the beginning what I did was to look at the most popular photographers and get an idea what is selling for them. And I do encourage the newcomers to do so. However, generally these photographer's portfolios are HUGE so it's overwhelming to look through their portfolios. And since these photographers also have a large portfolios, the exposure...

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Posted by Bradcalkins on May 28, 2008
Thanks for this interesting take on this aspect of organizing your portfolio to generate returns...
Posted by Daveg08 on April 19, 2008
thanks for your suggestions
Posted by Retina2020 on March 31, 2008
Great tips Sue. Thanks. Hopefully over time, I can achieve you kind of success. Fingers crossed :)

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Wedding Photography for Stock - another season approaching

posted on 29th of march, 2008
I've been taking wedding photos for friends and family for a couple of years now as wedding gifts and as a favour to them. I'm not a professional wedding photographer but I do enjoy shooting weddings a lot. I'm still relatively new in Stock photography so back then I shot more documentary weddings with people in the photos. Unfortunately most of my friends and family don't want to be online as my models so it limits what I can upload here :(.

But I'm very excited about the upcoming weddings this year. A lot of my friends are getting married this summer, so I'll be shooting some more weddings. This time, however, it will be different. I will have a stock photographer mind set. ;)

Weddings are perfect for stock...

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Posted by Irisangel on April 25, 2008
Thanks for the great idea, I have to go back and look at some of the images from the many weddings I have attended and see if there is anything I can use.

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