We are `only` amateurs!

posted on 3rd of may, 2008
There's a frequent discussion that tries to give an answer to what makes a professional, what defines it and what sets it apart from the amateur. It's almost a cliche, like the image that worths as much as x words (substitute x with your own choice). You can see it on every respectable forum of any photography-related website.

Guess what, they're not different. I was reading an interview with a NG veteran researcher (not a photographer). He was asked if he consider himself a pro, after all these years. His answer, rather not, as he stills put passion in it, while a professional would do it only for money. I realized that what defines the amateur is not being the novice, but being a passionate about it. Does it mean that pros are not passionate?...

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Posted by Heywoody on April 28, 2010
On the other hand you could say any contributor here is a professional - at least those who have achieved their first payment :)
Posted by Joezachs on April 28, 2010
Very true. Being passionate about it is the key word.
Posted by Gfevan on March 12, 2010
I agree!

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Microstock - the mp3 of photography?

posted on 3rd of may, 2008
A few years ago, music was available to masses through record producers only - vinyl or CD, the support didn't really matter. The producer started to act as a director, setting trends, creating stars, shaping new generation' addictions based on his own vision, creativity and knowledge. As money was involved, the artistic vision may be surpassed by financial reasons, giving birth to monster kitsch productions. You might think that what you hear at the radio is what the DJ likes. Is not really so (link)... The producer or label dictated the playlist more than ever.

Then a revolution begun, nurtured by the technological evolution. The MP3 file was born. The audio digital format was there before, but now,...

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Posted by Onlyfabrizio on January 07, 2009
Lee, your main income is not photography, right? See the other point of view.
Posted by Sophiesourit on May 06, 2008
so time is changing youpla boom.....
hip hip hip... for the buyers...
Posted by Thefinalmiracle on May 05, 2008
Hey Serban lets partner on a new Microstock Music company... I already have my own music label working on this idea :P I have the music knowledge and you know the market .. :D

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