How I calm down

posted on 8th of may, 2008
I will not ask you to cook, follow a ten-steps routine, go to an anger management course, call your psychiatrist, drink until you fall under the table and sleep, take some medicines, drink herbal tea, eat chocolate. I have never followed any of these, at least not when angry, moody, and needed calming down. I tend to swear a lot :)... but I do have another excellent remedy for angry, frustrated, annoyed, stressed, overworked people out here and there.
Music! - did i hear a disappointed awwwww? I know you know this, but what you do not know is this: I have special songs, appropriate for each mood and situation, and I gladly and warmly recommend them. Feel free to add your suggestions while enjoying my music :)

1. Piana [link=]Something'...

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Posted by Tan510jomast on January 22, 2010
We all have our triggers to get us to lose our cool. I used to be one of them ... you know, I was so predicitable, you can almost know how to flip my switch. I am by nature a sensitive person. I think all good artists are... or else you cannot make great photographs or paint great art, or write great music ...without sensitivity.
But sensitivity is a double edged sword if we cannot control them.

I found my way of directing my energy to creating images, music, poetry, writing,etc.. But many times, you find that these triggers are still there.

Lately, I found the best way to keep these overreaction in control, or more so, to maintain a perspective of where those triggers are coming from. It is a weak person who cannot control his feelings.
But we are human, and that is our weakness... the will to think.
Animals don't have that. That's why they don't die of CVA or get mental or whatever ails us.

So sometimes, it is good to be like an animal. God's creatures. no other agenda...(More)
Posted by Creativei on October 18, 2008
Sorry im commenting on a wrong place, I know you are one of the admin, I got the suggestion from your thread to alert the admin, one of my image uploaded for assignment is stuck from 10/06/2008, it still says 2 hours ETR, but nothing happening since uploaded this image, and the other image uploaded with this is approved already.
Posted by Littlemacproductions on August 09, 2008
Thanks for this blog Carmen, I just got lost in You Tube!

Comments (10)

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