The significance of the Illustration categories

posted on 29th of july, 2008
As a daily reviewer I have come across, and recently even more so, tons of illustrations with misplaced or even unassigned Illustration categories. I'd like to share a few words about the significance of those categories and why it is necessary to assign them correctly.

It is required that contributors assign one of the three illustration categories to their submissions that are not photographs. Even if you do not select any additional categories, selecting the one Illustration category is a must. Why is this so important? Because if you are familiar with our search options, there is a tick to select only illustrations or to entirely leave them out of the results. If you assign the correct category for yourself, the proper options are already preselected in the back-end (...

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Posted by Demonike on October 16, 2010
In this case it was most likely an error by the reviewer. It happens. Kindly resubmit the image and if you wish you can add comment for the editor. Our sincere apologies for the trouble.
Posted by Dragoneye on October 16, 2010

I have experienced the rejection of the image by the reason not select ILLUSTRATION category. But the image was a photograph, not 3D render, and the fact was pointed by kewords "photo" and "photgraph".

Since I prefer to not select false category, what is the best solution for the issue?
Posted by Eranicle on August 05, 2010
Hi, thanx for an article.
But I think in some case people may not choose a one of illustration categories, I mean when image done in 3d graphic software and looks exactly as a photo, and its hard to differ it from real photographs.
Because some buyers dont know that 3d is can be as real as a photo and uncheck the box illustrations, its not fair, I think.

Comments (9)

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