Photography Architecture and Interior Design

posted on 7th of july, 2008
I'm slowly trying to expand my portfolio and get a feel for what direction I want to go with my photography. So, I've decided to try my hand or lens at Architecture and Interior Design photography. It turns out it's much harder than it looks. I would say it's the hardest type of photography I've done thus far. Sure, it's easy to just take the photo and you'll see a lot of photos of interior on Real Estate listings. But it is definitely difficult to capture a photo that expresses the feeling of the space and style. These scenes generally have a large dynamic range which is also hard to capture. Some of the most popular photos on DT are interiors. The below are very good examples of what I am saying.


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Posted by Retina2020 on July 07, 2008
Hey Thanks Irisangel. Your gracious comments are always very encouraging.
Posted by Irisangel on July 07, 2008
Beautiful shots and great advice!

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Getting the perfect white background Isolation in SECONDS

posted on 14th of july, 2008
I've always found it very time consuming to get the perfect white background isolation even when I shot the object with a white background. But I've found a great instructional video online that will go over two simple steps to get the "perfect" white background as well as a method to check if your background is pure white. If you have been having troubles with this, the video is a MUST SEE. It is so easy and quick, I want to actually check my current photos and possibly resubmit them. Definitely I will try to take some more white background isolation photos with this technique.

I hope this will be useful to everyone.

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Posted by Singhsomendra on November 04, 2011
Hi Retina,

The link is not working any more....if it is not too much trouble for you please provide me the link here or at my email thanks
Posted by Dprogers on January 20, 2009
Good find. I'll have a look at what else is on this site.

Kind regards,
Posted by Climberjk on August 13, 2008
Wow! Thanks so much! This is going to save tons of time!!!

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