Words of wisdom

posted on 18th of january, 2009

I recently posted this to my new blog but I wanted to share it here because I have gotten such great advice from other DT photographers. Now it's my turn to share somethings I've learned.

* Make your subject the strongest point of your photo even though it might take up only a small part of the overall image.

*Let Mother Nature provide the lights for you. If you can, keep the sun behind you when you take pictures. That way the sun will light the areas you want to see, like someone’s face. If the sun is in front of you then it will be behind your subject and it will cast a shadow where you don’t want it.

*Use good quality lenses whenever possible.

*Use a tripod.

*Remember that every professional photographer takes a bad picture once in a while. He just doesn’t tell anyone.

*Study other photographer’s work. Learn from what worked for them and what didn’t work for them.

*Don’t forget to move yourself, don’t just zoom your lens. Step back, move closer, get up higher, crouch down lower.

*Practice, practice, practice!


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