Noise Reduction

posted on 25th of january, 2009

After my last trip to Costa rica I realized that I had lost close to 2000 shots due to my ISO setting causing noise. Since I have been home I have tried quite a few noise reduction solutions. So here they are.

All photoshop plugins that work on cs4 extended

Noise Ninja- worked for minor color caused noise when i didnt white balance but thats it.

Topaz Denoise- Worked amazingly for dark shots and is the best of the group

DFine 2.0- It worked ok for day shots but for night shots it was horrid

Noise monster- Didnt work for CS4 but worked fine with CS3

Topaz and Dfine2 works for Cs2 and beyond
here is
noise ninja

Each of them are $80-$100

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Comment by Pradi on January 27, 2009