The first accessory you need for your DSLR

posted on 28th of january, 2009

A camera to a photographer is many things. Most photographers have a loyalty to their cameras as if it was the best friend they ever had.

But at it's very basic level it is a tool. A tool that we put through some very harsh conditions.

We take them out in salt water spray from the oceans and hot sun to cool nights and high humidity.

That's why the first accessory you need after you purchase your DSLR should be a UV filter.

It is very inexpensive and just screws to the front of the camera.

It's main purpose in life is to protect your lens.

It will take the sand, salt, dirt, crude, scratches and everything else that without it your lens would take.

If you have an accident and scratch the filter your out about twelve bucks, but you just saved your very expensive lens.

So if you don't have one, get one.

The first time you bump into something and scratch it you'll be thanking me.

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Comment by Marilyngould on January 28, 2009