Freeze toilet bowl water in action (Those who hate to scrub toilet bowls, read this.)

posted on 3rd of february, 2009

Anyone wants to try to take water in action? I must say I took a long time to get this right. My first image was rejected for incorrect exposure. It was hard for me to take this image at night with the toilet lights on, so I waited til day to take this shot.

I had a problem. There was no place for me to put my gorillapod. I was literally holding onto my breath, trying to take a shot in one hand while flushing the toilet in the other. The results were... you know...

Then I had an idea. I brought in my dining chair which has gaps in between, into the toilet. There I hanged my gorillapod on it. Problem solved. Then there was another problem.

I used flashed to take the picture and it came out bright on the top and dark at the bottom. I used the bounce card method and the picture turned out dark.

I turned my f/stop higher and ISO 100, there was too much noise.

Finally after much time thinking and experimenting, I finally got what I wanted.

1. I decided against the flash to prevent the dark problem.

2. Since I'm not using flash, I have to use a faster shutter speed, so I switched to shutter priority.
3. Since a faster shutter speed means higher f/stop, meaning higher noise, what should I do? I couldn't bring in my lamp to create enough light. Higher ISO increases the speed but it means higher noise too.

4. So what I did was ......

to test out the shutter speed by kept flushing the toilet and taking to the point that the water freezes and did not look flowing.

5. So I had 1/320 enough to freeze water action.

6. I increased the exposure to the max, and the camera had my f/stop auto to F2.8.

7. I took precaution not to zoom too in into the water or else the toilet bowl itself would not be in focus.

7. I set my timer on, and stood there flushing...

and did post-processing in GIMP and here it is....

© Yhca (Help)

PS: This is a good way for me to scrub the toilet bowl clean... haha

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