Winter images

posted on 12th of february, 2009

I have reached 17 photos and for the first time I got some shots approved without any fuss :O
I dug out some older shots from last year late winter.

The problem with battery - it was -20 degree Celcius - I am tough guy but my battery was not. I burned 3 lithium batteries in 4-5 hours. There are some tips and tricks to keep them warm, but, I just took 3 and managed to shoot ok.

There was a submission problem with this colorful ratrak. It had a nice grafitti on the red part, but I had to remove it. even if it was not a trademark.

All in all, quite a success with more pictures getting approved just like that :)

About the trip - it was Stubai area in Western Austria. This is great place to go skiing, with thousands miles of ski routes, great range of hotels, good food and friendly people.

Good luck!

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Comment by Marilyngould on February 12, 2009