I am in love with a texture.

posted on 16th of february, 2009

My new interests as a contributor here on DT is in the creation of things that whirl around in my head. I find myself collecting things and textures. The one I am finding the most use for (at the moment) is this cracked asphalt driveway of a home in my neighborhood.

It is so compelling to look at and has so many uses. When I begin a new 'canvas' I spend much time developing the idea that it becomes my goal to have more than one finished product. Much like contributors on a shoot where they have their model pose in many ways or use many expressions. My goal is to have 2 to 3 uses for a subject matter.

In the case the texture was the driver of the imagery. Here are a few finished products using the cracked drive way. I use layers and streaks of colors at different opacities to achieve the tones and gold hues (gold is also a current favorite of mine... well that and blue!).

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