Tea and Toast

posted on 16th of february, 2009

© Keki (Help)
I've recently become a full time mum taking care of a 7 week old baby boy :)
I used to work in a hectic business environment and I am now so blessed to find myself relaxing with tea and toast
© Keki (Help)
every morning for at least an hour - which before my son was born was unheard of.

I love it! nothing like a great cup of tea
© Keki (Help)
in the morning to set you off ..

I'm hoping to be more active in my photography and stock, I'm learning loads! this big life change is so rewarding! as my son grows older I'm hoping to still have time for my stock photography .. and my tea and toast :)

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Comment by Rebeccaosborn on February 17, 2009