be all thing and nothing ? are you a good clone?

posted on 17th of february, 2009

is it possible that as a newbie we sometimes try to be so full of it that we spin our wheels? getting everything but going nowhere, so to speak,
my point for this blog is --- are you an incredible niche, or just a super copy ?

we all have been there before. whether it's in sports, where we try to ape the jock to get all the babes. or in music, where we try to be the next Elvis or Jimi Hendrix. i remember when i was playing in a band, we had a foreign group that played nothing but the music of Santana. the guitarist even dressed like him, and sounded like Carlos. all was fine until one night, Carlos walked into the club.

is this the same problem some of us are having here? are we all trying so hard to be the next top seller that we lose sight of what we can do for ourselves? no matter how incredible our images are, if we create it with someone else in mind, we can only still end up as the # 2. you cannot be better than the one you copy.

is it better to be the best at what you do , than be the permanent #2of a clone ? if we copy everyone, we might succeed for a short while, until we run out of people to clone off our images. or what if tomorrow, that person's images are no longer cool? it's like fashion, or trends, today's flavour could be tomorrow's old hat.

where are you now? are you the best clone in microstock?

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Comment by Mayatairy on February 18, 2009