100 uploads... at last

posted on 26th of february, 2009

It was started back on October 2008. After many readings about this weird "microstock" things on many blogs, I decided to give it a shot and applied as a contributor here at DT. I did know that I loved photography but I surely didn't know how this thing works. What I surely know (and I believe so) is that you will not really know it until you jump right into it. So, I jumped in! I want to experience it!

I scraped a bunch of images of mine and started picking up what I thought were good and artistic enough and uploaded them... and surprisingly found that 80% of them were... REJECTED!!!
That really was demotivating as I was struggling with my ego for what image on earth is decent enough for them?
Along the way, I was experiencing rejections over rejections. Give up?? I honestly had thought of it for many times, but then I realized, it was me who decided to jump right in..
No way!! I have to take this chance to prove to my self (at least) that I can swim across.
Right now, rejection is just another lesson for me to learn. This course definitely is a "learning by doing" process.

Though I have only generated a few sales to date, today is my moment to celebrate my small milestone, my short-term goal... 100 uploads!
What a relieve... LOL.
No no no, wait... and another goal... 70% acceptance ratio! And also another sale, as a bonus!
Wow.... I'm so so happy.
Love you all guys! I've learned a lot form you all, both Admins and fellow Contributors.

God Bless U all and never give up on your dreams.

Here's the lucky 100th image.
And here's the lucky image just sold today

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