Goodbye, Ellen Boughn...

posted on 28th of february, 2009

During two wonderful years, we could enjoy fresh and inspirational articles of blog "Stock Photography that Sells" by stock expert Ellen Boughn. We could read hundreds of tips about how to improve as stock photographers and illustrators. We were showered with ideas what concepts to shoot, how to compose our images, how to find inspiration, how to work with models.
Now she goes and works for other projects, especially for her new book. But these tips will remain as priceless assets in any nowadays and future stock photographer's knowledge base.
I tried to categorize Ellen's advice and here is the result:
Best Sellers Tips
How to shoot best selling images. What is important in making an image eyecatching and appealing to customers and designers?
A Good Stock Image is an Incomplete One...
Best Seller Tips-Illustration
What Makes Best Selling Photo?
Secrets of Microstock SuperStars
2008 Best Selling Photos

Tips & Tricks
All kind of tips and tricks, what apply to every type of photography. What to pay attention to? What kind of models to use? How to work with models? How to compose your images? What to keep in mind while taking pictures?
What is She Wearing?
Not Just a Pretty Face
Your Turn
All the Pretty Faces
Masters of Light
The RGB of it all
The Trendspotting Trend
Retro and Recession
In the News!
Point of View
The Eyes Have It
Hair and Makeup in Photos
Make the Invisible Visible
Get Framed
You Say 'Macro'. I Say Maybe...
Your Photo Counts!
What size is....?
Give It Away
Humor Sexy Cute Football Economy

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Creativity & Inspiration
Where to find the inspiration? What to do when you have no clue what to shoot? How to have fun in the process? How to get inspired from and not to copy other contributors work?
A trip to the bookstore (Part 1)
A Kick in the Creative Pants
Inside Out
Copyright or Copycat?
Build Your Brand

Keywording Tips
What kind of keywords you need? What kind of keywords you don't need? What kind of mistakes to avoid? How to find relevant words? Why keywording is so important?
The Do Nots of Successful Keywords
The I Hate to Keyword Guide to Keywording (part II)
Keywords that Work (Part III)
Oops! Keywording Mistakes to Avoid

●● Arts
It's All There in Black and White
Is Your Photography Art?

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●● Business & Industries
Shooting Small
Doctor in the House
Working Together
Local Global
Modern Medicine
Update Business Images
Very Crafty
Industrial Strength
Ups and Downs
Photographer Stimulus Package

●● Conceptual Images
What Time Is It?
War and Peace

●● Food & Drinks
Yummo! Shooting Food
Slow Food
Stay Frosty

●● Nature, Animals & Environment
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Wild Models
Global Warming
A rose is a rose is a rose
Mystery in the tall trees
Focus on Wolves
Earth Day 2009
A Whale of a Tale

●● People & Lifestyle
The BIG Day
A Simple Life
Moving Pictures
Mommy LOOK!
I Want to Thank the Academy....
Gay Pride
Religious Freedom
Special Needs
Girls Just Want to Have Fun
Around the House
Rites of Passage
Stuff Happens
The New Commuters
Camp Whatucallit
Baby Boomlet
Going Negative
It's Elementary
Women (want to) RULE...
Personal Best
Catching ZZZZZ's
Booked Up
Black Is the New Black
In with the Old

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●● Seasonal & Holidays
Erin Go Bragh!
Snow: Real or Instant?
Gimme a _______________
Holiday Messages
Color Me Red

●● Sports
Spectator Sports

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●● Travel & Outdoor
A Sense of Place (Part 1)
A Sense of Place (Part II)
Shots That Take Off. Shooting Air Travel
Snap! Not! Vacation Photos
More Trippy Photo Tips
Road trip! Family Vacation
Top Travel Photo Spots-2008
Top Travel Photo Spots-Part II
Key Lessons-Travel Photos III
The New China
India Now

Personal blogs
© Rvs (Help)
About Ellen Boughn, favorite images, introduction and farewell

Photography Events
News about Expos and Conferences
PACA Annual Meeting
More PACA Conference
Dreamstime and CEPIC
PDN PhotoPlus - Biz Blitz
PACA International Conference
User Generated Content Expo
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Those articles are a great read for everyone who loves stock photography, loves to learn, enjoys to read and seeks fresh ideas. With her friendly writing style, good humor and insight, she makes her soon to be finished book something to look forward. Thank you, Ellen Boughn, and good luck with your book!

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