athens marathon 2008

posted on 6th of march, 2009

This year i had the opportunity to see the marathon in Athens.
It was of course an occasion to take nice pictures, but the most amazing was to see those guys flying over the road after 36 km and 1h45 of running.
They didn't looked really tired.
I already run few times the semi marathon 20 km in 1h45min, and believe me, i look wasted, and tired for two weeks...
When i think these guys can run twice faster for twice longer, it is just amazing...
Each time i can i will look them passing and flying away. it's always beautiful.

By the way this year was one of the most tight marathon ever !
The winner beat the second for few seconds, they were ahead together
already 5 km before the final line. Almost a 5 km sprint after covering
35 km, incredible !

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Comment by Fultonsphoto on March 06, 2009