Summer is coming :)

posted on 6th of march, 2009


About 7 months ago, I decided to give this microstockthing a try. Right after my first sale, I was hooked! Or maybe addicted is a better word for it ;o)

I started to upload and upload, getting lots of rejections but learning along the way. Now, my uploads have slowed down a bit. My archives are exhausted and I have become way more picky myself. My AR shows that too: from about 40% in the start to 80-90% in the last few months.

I am very happy to say I have just reached 200 sales, about 50% of my current portfoliosize. What I like, too, is that at this moment, 28% of my portfolio has been sold at least one time. Each first-time selling photo adds a little bit of extra exitement, adding one more picture with proven sale-potential.

But what I like most about the whole thing (off course next to seeing my earnings balance rise ;o) is the creative process that goes on in my mind almost 24/7. I get inspiration from so many things I see, and my mind is racing to think of nice ways to capture what I see or what I have thought of.

Now I hope the summer sun will bring me the energy to put all these idea's into practice!

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Comment by Noonie on March 07, 2009