Temple of Heaven.

posted on 12th of march, 2009

This is a very famous ancient building in 500 ago.It is one of a lot famous royal buildings in Beijing too.

In the period of Ming and Qing of China,here was the place where dynastic rulers in China used to worship the heaven,its rigorous architectural composition, the unusual construction structure, the magnificent construction decoration, in the Chinese history of architecture, has recorded a magnificent page.

As a historic city, there are many famous ancient buildings in Beijing.But I have a very deep emotion to the Temple of Heaven.
My home is not far from the Temple of Heaven,I often come here with schoolmate to play when I was still a student,my schoolmate and me also begged the heaven in here, lets us have a good luck to enter a good university:) That is a section of very bright memory.
After 20 years, we have already grown up, all of us changed a great deal,but the Temple of Heaven has not changed, it is still so beautiful! .

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Comment by Linqong on March 19, 2009