What is your favorite book?

posted on 22nd of march, 2009

What is your favorite book? A simply question, but it isn´t easy for me to answer it. I love reading, since childhood. I have read so many wonderful books that it is hard for me to chose one book.

I have read many fiction books, however in the last two-three years I pick up non-fiction books with more interest and pleasure. I´ve been reading several splendid books about photographing, astrology, angels, nature, legends of old nations etc.

Reading is wonderful and relaxing, but I like books also like a photographing topic.
One can be creative and make romantic images with books.
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One can show somebody reading.

One can make simple, but very useful images of a book or a pile of books. And we could go on with the list. When my niece asked me the question above, I didn´t know the answer, but I did realized how I would like to write a short blog about books and to wish you to pick up always a wonderful book for reading and perhaps to create some nice ideas for images with books.

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